When will the nightmare end?

Yet another sweep for the Minnesota Twins, but not the kind we have been used to in the past.  The 2011 version of a Twins sweep (being on the wrong end of one).  The Twins are in dangerous territory.  If they were to begin a comeback, this was the series to do it.  The Tigers are starting their surge to catch the first place Cleveland Indians.  The Twins could have picked up a couple of huge games by taking at least 2 of the 3 games in this series but instead they were swept out of town.

The Twins are now 20 games under .500 for the first time since 2000.  In that season the Twins finished 69-93, they are actually on pace to lose more games this season .  They are on pace to be the first team to lose 100+ games after winning their division since 1968.  They are also on pace to be only the second team to finish with 100+ losses with a $100+ million payroll (last year’s Mariners were the other).  If things don’t turn around soon, this will end up being a historically awful season for the Minnesota Twins.

I am not going to completely close the book on this season but it is getting very close to me doing so.  Currently, the only reason to tune in is to watch Jim Thome’s pursuit of 600.  Of course, he left tonight’s game with an injury.  Fransisco Liriano and Joe Nathan went on the DL this week, Tsuyoshi Nishioka is still a couple of weeks away from returning and Joe Mauer continues to be out with no timetable for his return.  It was announced today by the Twins that Mauer will catch 3 innings in an extended Spring Training game tomorrow but by the time he returns it may be too late.

This is the first time in the 111 year history of the Senators/Twins franchise that they started out the season losing at least 17 games in April AND May….they have now started out June right where they left off.  Here is a crazy stat, the Twins have blown 18 leads this season and only have 17 wins.  A lot of the blame so far has to be put on the Twins front office for their horrible off season in allowing pretty much the entire bullpen to be blown up.  Imagine if 10 of those 18 blown leads had been held….27 wins looks much better 17 at this point.  If they would have had 27 wins coming into tonight’s game they would have been only 8 games behind the Indians compared to the 16 games back before the game.

If the Twins are going to turn this season around, it needs to begin tomorrow night with their series in Kansas City and then a series at Cleveland against the first place Indians.  I refuse to give up on them now as I have seen this team do incredible things in the past.  It will take a 2006 type comeback for the Twins to climb back into contention.  Only problem is when that happened; I remember thinking to myself that I will most likely never see anything like that again in my life.  All Twins fans can ask themselves is: when are we going to wake up from this nightmare?  And when we do…will it be too late?


2 thoughts on “When will the nightmare end?

  1. There will be no comeback. Starting pitching is inconsistent with some brilliant flashes – relief pitching is unlikely to improve. But hitting has been terribly inconsistent. The Twins are capable of improving, but that isn’t saying much. There is not enough upside potential to salvage this season (salvage meaning obtain a wild card spot). My concerns are beyond this season. Will Mauer ever be dependable? Will Morneau regain his hitting prowess for his remaining prime years? It is obvious to me that Cuddyer had one very good year and is now back to mediocrity – the Twins should trade him if he is still marketable. I think the future now depends on Valencia, Nishioka, Casia, Young and minor leaguers such as Ben Revere and Kyle Gibson. And the current core of starting pitching needs to change. The Twins are fast approaching an overhaul for the next “winning core”. Changes are needed. I will watch with interest, as always.

    • I definately agree with you on this. The time is coming for the next “winning core”. I agree that Delmon should be a part of it but I do not think the Twins feel that way. Cuddyer is one of “Gardys boys” and I am sure they will do everything they can to keep him in a Twins uniform. Even though his best value this season and in the future is the talent he could bring back in a trade. The Twins seem to have soured on Young and I think the only reason he is playing now is to build up trade value…only thing is he is not doing a good job at that currently. Hopefully they can make a push for the Wild Card spot but if not it will be fun to watch this team transition into its new phase. With over $30 million coming off the books next year the Twins should not be down for long.

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